1 Feb, 2022

Philanthropy versus Fundraising

Philanthropy versus Fundraising The words philanthropy and fundraising are often used interchangeably. Yet each has a very distinctive meaning. We often think money is the driving force for doing good. However, our values and beliefs create that drive. Philanthropy is our love for humanity. It focuses on impact and outcome, not money. Whereas fundraising

11 Oct, 2021

Purpose of Long-Term Charitable Funds

Purpose of Long-Term Charitable Funds Annual donations are a primary source of many nonprofits’ day-to-day operating revenue. These gifts are particularly important during a crisis or recessionary periods, when often needs of those served are going up as other funding sources are going down. It is during such challenging times that long-term charitable funds

15 Jul, 2021

The Beauty of an Unrestricted Gift

Beauty of an Unrestricted Gift Giving trends today show that most donors give to support non-profit programs.  Donors like to know exactly how their donations are being used.  After all, it is their right to choose how to spend it. So, whatever happened to the unrestricted gift? These types of gifts are critical because

11 Dec, 2020

Match Day 2020 Conclusion

Thank you to all who contributed to Match Day 2020!  This year brought many challenges, as participating organizations lost revenue due to temporary closures and canceled fundraisers.  However, this community has rallied.  More than $467,000 was raised to benefit 18 participating organizations.  The amount exceeded the 2019 total by $90,000.00. Much gratitude for our sponsor Dave Ross,

10 Nov, 2020

Match Day 2020

Match Day 2020 Ways to Contribute: Gifts of cash and check will be accepted starting November 6th. Please use the Match Day Donation Form  to help us process your gift. Credit Cards gifts can be made online on December 1st only from 12:00 a.m. till 11:59 p.m. How it works: The Community Foundation of Shelby County is sponsoring another Match Day