Why look to the CFSC

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Since 1952, advisors have helped their clients create funds at the Community Foundation of Shelby County that provide a lasting benefit to the community.  In our role as a neutral partner, we create innovative solutions that help advisors successfully accomplish their client’s charitable goals and maximize their charitable deduction.

Here are some helpful resources.

Community Foundations are extremely flexible in the variety of funds offered as well as types of assets that may be used to start or add to a fund at the Community Foundation of Shelby County.

Your client’s gift can have the ability to keep on giving.  The charitable fund your client establishes can benefit the community now and in future years, if setup as an endowment.  Investment return is disbursed as grants and the principal stays intact.

As your client establishes a charitable fund, they have the ability to outline a specific purpose or purposes for their gift.

Your client may choose any name they wish for the charitable fund they establish.  Grants from the charitable fund will bear fund’s name, a lasting symbol of their caring.

If a gift ceases to exist, The Foundation will ensure that the gift continues to address needs close to the donor’s intent.

As a 501(c)(3) public charity, gifts to The Foundation receive maximum charitable deduction for income, gift and estate tax purposes.  Charitable funds may receive additional gifts at any time and given by anyone.

The staff of The Foundation is accessible and ready to assist you.  Through daily contact with the non-profit community, the staff has obtained a great deal of knowledge that is regularly shared with interested donors.

All charitable funds are administer by one staff.  Lower management costs mean that more money ultimately goes to charity.

Careful stewardship by The Foundation’s local board and staff assures prudent management and accountability to donors’ intentions.