The Community Foundation invests most charitable funds in one of three portfolios: Conservative, Balanced or Growth investment pools (download recent reports below) . Donors may indicate an investment preference at the time a charitable fund is established. Donor Advised funds may provide ongoing input into investment pool selection. A Money Market pool is also available. Project funds and most short-term charitable funds are not placed investment pools, but instead remain in money market or checking accounts to better preserve all gifts until they are disbursed. Investments

An Investment Policy established by the Board of Trustees guides investments. The Policy’s primary objective is to provide for an optimal level of total return, in real terms after inflation, and long-term growth of capital, with an acceptable exposure to risk, while maintaining the ability to support distributions.

Investment consultant Clearstead of Cleveland provides analysis and reporting to the Foundation’s seven-member volunteer Investment Committee.

Investment reports are updated quarterly. In addition to the reports shown below, additional information may be available by contacting Marian Spicer, Executive Director, at

Historical Investment Pool Summary as of 3/31/2024
Pool Performance as of 3/31/2024