Philanthropy versus Fundraising

The words philanthropy and fundraising are often used interchangeably. Yet each has a very distinctive meaning. We often think money is the driving force for doing good. However, our values and beliefs create that drive. Philanthropy is our love for humanity. It focuses on impact and outcome, not money. Whereas fundraising is merely the tool that supports the underlying value.

You see, donors want to connect to people and organizations in which they see an opportunity to create impact. Therefore, engagement is at the heart of the matter. That philanthropic connection is what inspires us to act. That action is where fundraising comes back into the equation. When groups of people share the same value, it motivates them to solve problems by generating resources. It comes more naturally, not forced. If a fundraiser focuses on the money and not the value, the contribution and commitment to the cause lessen.

By understanding the difference between the two words, outcomes will be different. Because using this approach will build a more compassionate community making it a better place, one play at a time.  It just comes down to putting philanthropy into the message, not money.