We often sit down with individuals like you and figure out a plan that can help you give to things that matter most.  Simple questions revolving around motivation and interests helps us customize a type of fund that can carry out your intentions.  Intentions may change throughout your giving journey – your focus (cause and geography), how engaged you want to be, and what types of organizations you want to support.  Changing intentions is not a problem; we can create a fund that is tailored and adjustable because, let’s face it, life is ever changing.  Most of our donors are unsure, but we can help guide you step by step to create a fund or add to an existing fund (charitable fund listing) that best reflects you!

Deciding how to give doesn’t have to be complex. Look below for bullet points that can help start the conversation on how you want to help others and your community.


  • Are you seeking to fulfill personal or family values?
  • Do you want to honor or memorialize a loved one?
  • Looking to reduce your tax liability?
  • Are you looking to leave a legacy?


  • What life experiences inspire you to give?
  • Do you want to support the area in which you live?
  • What involvement do you have in local organizations?
  • Do you want to help support current needs?
  • What causes do you typically support?


Contact us today and start your discussion on how you can create a fund that reflects you.