Collective Power of Giving

The concept is simple, but so very powerful.  Like, many things in life, doing things together is so much more fun and meaningful then doing things alone.  Charitable giving is no different.  In today times, channeling information through the digital realm makes connecting with individuals easier.  We are more aware of troubling issues surrounding individuals or communities.  It helps create a sense of solidarity to rally around the problems at hand.

At the Community Foundation of Shelby County we harness this strategy.  We create an effective way for those that collectively want to make a difference now and forever.  By creating or contributing to funds at the Community Foundation you become part of a joint effort to create impact for the place you call home.  We are broadening the scope of in which people give and we are creating forever philanthropists as we continue to see what the power of collective giving can do.

Contact us today and see how you can be a part of something so very powerful.