1 Feb, 2022

Philanthropy versus Fundraising

Philanthropy versus Fundraising The words philanthropy and fundraising are often used interchangeably. Yet each has a very distinctive meaning. We often think money is the driving force for doing good. However, our values and beliefs create that drive. Philanthropy is our love for humanity. It focuses on impact and outcome, not money. Whereas fundraising

9 Mar, 2020

How to Donate Wisely

How to donate wisely Tips for Choosing a Charity Giving to charity is very fulfilling. Though, you need to make sure you are giving to reputable charities. Donor transparency is shaping how donors like you are giving. It is essential to know that your gifts are used correctly. Raising awareness about charity fraud is a

13 Dec, 2019

Match Day 2019 Conclusion

We are pleased to announce that Match Day 2019 was a success because of You!  All 16 organization met their match and are ready to do some good with the proceeds.  Below is the list of the final totals for all 16 organizations.   GRAND TOTAL - $377,791.12 Alpha Community Center - $41,051.79 Big Brothers Big