SCHOLARSHIP FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)
Deadline #1 for most high school senior scholarships: February 15, 2018 - those scholarships are no longer accepting applications.
Deadline #2 for adults, college students and some high school students: May 21, 2018

Can you give me a guide to help me apply with the online scholarship application?
Yes, please view the helpful guide that shows screenshots of actual online pages and information. Application Guide

I started and saved an online application, but now I cannot locate my login password. Should I start a new application?
No, we recommend and prefer that you contact us to have your password reset. Please email

I answered several questions and then the system asked some of those same questions later. Why?
The first set of questions are what we call 'matching questions,' meant to match you to all Community Foundation of Shelby County scholarships for which you may be eligible. Then, the online application needs you to enter your information into the actual online application. There are usually one or more scholarships for which local students are eligible. Once you complete the information in the online application for one scholarship, it autofills the information into other applications for other scholarships we administer. You will need to check My Applications in the top right of the application screen to complete any additional requirements of each scholarship listed and to click Submit to apply for each scholarship.

Can I attach directly from a website, such as Google Docs?
Unfortunately, when you attach from Google Docs we only see that website, not your document because it requires that we log into your Google Docs account and we are not able to do that. If we cannot see your document, we cannot include it with your application. After you create a document such as your personal statement or list of activities in a cloud-based system, please save the document as a pdf and then attach that pdf. In Google Docs, go to File, click Download and choose 'PDF Document.'  It will save to your computer's Downloads or another file you have chosen. Take note of where you downloaded your document.  In the online scholarship application, when you click the 'Select File' button, you will be able to locate, select and attach the file residing in your computer.

Which college expenses can be paid with a scholarship?
Tuition, fees, books, supplies, and equipment required for courses of instruction at an accredited educational institution.

Can I complete one application (including a transcript, EFC information, personal statement, letters of recommendation) to apply for more than one scholarship?
Yes! You may be able to apply for several scholarships by completing one online form. Some scholarships may require additional information, so make sure to read the brief information about each scholarship presented to you and add any information requested. Your answers to questions about your high school, residency, college, major or other factors will determine the scholarships for which you may be eligible. If you have any questions, please contact us before 4:00pm on the day of the deadline at (937) 497-7800 or  We will not accept a printed paper application.  You must submit online only.

Will you accept other financial documents if I have not applied for an EFC number?
No. At this time, we will only accept the EFC number from the FAFSA for those scholarships that have ‘financial need’ stated as a selection criterion.  There are a few scholarships that do not require you to submit financial information. By answering 'no' to the question regarding your intent to submit financial information, you will be given the opportunity to continue to apply for scholarships that do not have 'financial need' as a selection criterion. Students who answer 'yes' will be given the opportunity to view scholarships that do and do not require your EFC information.

Must I submit an ‘official’ transcript?
We do not require an ‘official’ transcript (one that is printed on special paper or with a raised seal in one corner).  You may include with your application a scan of an official transcript, an unofficial transcript, your college advising report or, if necessary, grade cards (least preferred).  We will not accept grade information you type yourself. 

How do I find the school district in which I reside?
Your home is within a school district where you or your parents pay school district property or income taxes. Real estate tax invoices or pay stubs may provide that answer. If you or your parents vote, you are sometimes given the opportunity to vote for the school board members or levies for the district in which you live. If you still do not recall the district where you reside, you may need to call your county Board of Elections or Treasurer's office to ask.  The answer you give on the scholarship application may enable you to be considered for scholarships that are for people who live in a particular school district or region.

How can I scan and attach documents to my online application?How do I attach the FAFSA EFC page?
Log into your FAFSA account. Open your Student Aid Report (SAR) and save it to your computer (select the option at the top of the SAR "View Student Aid Report PDF" and save the PDF)  or print the report and scan it to your computer.  Locate the saved PDF or scanned document and attach it to your scholarship application in the area designated within the application form.

I cannot submit because of an error in the 'College Costs' area. Why won't it accept the numbers I have entered?
Remove dollar signs ($) and any commas (,) you entered.  The form only wants to receive numbers.

How many recommendation letters should I include on the application?
Although you need only one recommendation letter, we encourage you to have two or three.

I was able to submit the application without a recommendation letter. Does that mean my application is complete without one?
No.  Because you have choices in attaching a recommendation letter, including mailing a letter to the Community Foundation office before the deadline, we enabled the application to be submitted without a letter attached.  However, your application will NOT be forwarded to selection committees without at least one recommendation letter received before the deadline.

What happens to my application if I am missing a Required Attachment?
Incomplete applications will not be sent to selection committees. We typically send an email a week or two before the deadline to the email address you provided that notifies you that documents are missing from your application. Please call our office days and weeks BEFORE the deadline if you have any questions about the documents you need to attach. We are not responsible for misdirected mail or emails that did not arrive. It is your responsibility to check your application in advance of the deadline to ensure it is complete and all required documents are included. You must click 'Submit' to finalize your application.

I tried to click SUBMIT, but it wouldn't submit.  What should I do?
Check the box on the right side of your window to see if any items in the checklist are shown in red...indicating that there is required information not completed in that section.  If words are red, return to that section to check for any error messages or missing information in a required item (marked with a red asterisk).
If there are no errors or missing items, try logging out of the application and closing all windows that have an open Internet connection.  Go back to our website at, click the Scholarship application link at the bottom of the home page and then select the '2018 Community Foundation of Shelby County Combined Scholarship Application.'  Login to your application as a 'Returning Applicant' and click the button at the bottom of each page that enables you to go to the next page. At the bottom of the list, click the green 'SUBMIT' button...when a small confirming window opens, click the 'SUBMIT' button.  You will be sent an email to the address listed in your login information that confirms the application has been submitted. 

However, if you try to submit after the deadline, you will be locked out and will not be able to submit. The deadline is not negotiable!

Can my college reduce financial aid because of a scholarship award?
Yes, unfortunately scholarships you receive from groups outside your college may affect loans and grants awarded to you by your school or the federal government. Each college may look at your numbers differently, but in general the formula looks like this:
     College Cost of Attendance (found on each college's website)
     MINUS Your Expected Family Contribution (EFC number) calculated when you complete the FAFSA
     = Your Unmet Need

Your unmet need is where loans and grants are typically offered to you to assist with your college costs.  When you submit a scholarship check from an outside group (Community Foundation, other community groups, your parent's employer, etc.), the college may be obligated to reduce your financial aid package (need-based scholarships, subsidized and unsubsidized loans, work/study, and grants). According to College Board: "If all the aid you receive — outside scholarships, financial aid from your college, and government grants and loans — ends up being $300 or more above your calculated need, the federal government requires your college to reduce the amount of need-based financial aid it awards you."  Each college handles the reduction differently. Please contact your college's Financial Aid office to get their help in making this work as well as possible for you.

May I see a listing of the scholarships available through the Community Foundation of Shelby County form?
Scholarships included on the 2018 Combined Scholarship Application.  As you complete the online application, you will answer questions about your residency, school, grade point average, major and other factors.  The form will filter out those scholarships for which you are not eligible and show you only the scholarships for which you may qualify.  You will still need to read eligibility requirements and answer some questions to confirm your interest and eligibility.  Your application may provide to you different scholarships than it does to your best friend because of your answers to questions.  If you believe you were not given an opportunity to see a scholarship, but think you would be eligible, please contact us as soon as possible.

I applied for scholarships with a Feb. 15 deadline, but I’m also eligible for scholarships with a May 21 deadline. I clicked ‘Submit’ before the Feb. 15 deadline. Do I need to resubmit my application before the May 21 deadline?
Unless you asked to have your application reopened, you will not need to resubmit the application. Once you click ‘Submit’ and receive a confirmation that your application was successfully submitted, you need not do anything further for the May 21 deadline.

What do I need to do to receive my scholarship check?
1.Sign and return the Acceptance Letter which was mailed to your home. If you do not recall receiving the letter, please call our office to verify your mailing address and to ask for a replacement. Sign, complete and return the copy on light green paper. The white copy is for your files.
2.Send us your tuition statement (your college may call it an account or billing statement) from your college or university. Colleges and universities typically make these available to you by logging into your account on the college’s website. Please mail or email a copy which shows what you owe to attend college. We consider this as proof of enrollment in the college.  After we receive both your signed Acceptance Letter and your tuition statement, we will mail your scholarship checks directly to your college's financial office within two weeks.  If you have any questions about the documents we need or whether we received your documents, please email Barbara at or call (937) 497-7800.

Where should I send a Thank You note?
Please send it to the Community Foundation address: 100 S. Main Ave Suite 202, Sidney OH 45365. Include details of where you plan to go to school, your major and your future career. Often, the person who established the scholarship is not involved with the selection and has not read your application. They thoroughly enjoy knowing about you and your plans. Show your gratitude and let them know that the money is going to good use! We will forward your note to the appropriate person.