The Community Foundation of Shelby County is a collection of charitable funds.  Each fund has a purpose for which grants are disbursed. Funds can be tailored to narrowly or broadly support causes, geographic areas, or organizations you favor.  You decide what you want the charitable fund to accomplish and we will figure out which type of fund it is.

Most charitable funds are intended to be long term or permanent. Investment returns and new gifts help grow the fund and provide the basis for the amounts disbursed as grants. Charitable Distribution Account grants are made from principal (gifts), because these are short-term donor advised funds.

Community Granting
This type of fund never goes out of style.  It is able to award grants in the Shelby County area as needs, projects and organizations in the community change. This is our favorite type of fund because it allows our board discretion to provide funding for the community’s most pressing needs, especially when no other fund is designated to support the need. Example: Founders Fund, a fund awarding grants to organizations located in or benefiting the greater Shelby County, Ohio area. Community Granting Funds

Field of Interest
Similar to Community Granting funds, Field of Interest funds give granting discretion to our board, but within geographic areas or causes as defined by the fund’s donor. Examples: the Louise Sheets Fund benefiting Botkins, Ohio organizations or the Roscoe Beanblossom Fund benefiting organizations who support the needs of Shelby County, Ohio children. Field of Interest Funds

Donor Advised (long-term)
Donor Advised funds keep you involved with the charitable fund you established. You make a gift to create the fund and receive an immediate tax deduction. People create endowed (permanent), quasi-endowed (long-term, but not permanent) or non-endowed (non-permanent) donor advised funds. Once the fund is created, you recommend favorite charities to receive grants, while we handle due diligence, issue grant checks and maintain the bookkeeping side of things. You can also invite family members to be current or future advisors and stipulate a future use of the fund to carry on charitable giving after you’re gone. Donor Advised Funds

Charitable Distribution Account (short-term)
This is a short term Donor Advised fund that issues all gifts contributed to qualifying charitable organizations…sort of like a charitable checking account. It has no fund minimum size and is not listed in our publications. Your name is included with grant checks unless you request anonymity. It’s a great way to learn about grantmaking and charitable funds. The Community Foundation administers more than 25 CDAs, including some that have existed for more than 12 years.

Organization funds are a terrific way to help a favorite charity with ongoing support or a reserve for those years when the budget is more strained than usual. Established by a charitable organization or a donor, organization funds help make a charity more self-reliant. Organization Funds

The Community Foundation is proud to have administered project funds for the construction of Sidney Memorial Stadium, Earls Island Pavilion, the Russia Athletic Complex, the Botkins Track and Soccer Complex, the Houston Athletic Complex and Raise the Roof for the Arts. We provide back-office administrative support to help steering committees to accomplish these lasting community projects. Campaign/Project Funds

You can continue your support of favorite charitable organizations forever with a fund which specifies those benefitting organizations. The fund can stay current by identifying successor organizations or causes that will benefit if the named organizations cease to exist. Designated Funds

Scholarships assist students with the cost of their college education or vocational training. When establishing the fund, you can specify eligibility and selection criteria to provide guidance to the selection committee. We administer scholarships benefiting graduating high school seniors and current college students, including some that provide multi-year awards. Scholarship Funds

Supporting Organization
A supporting organization is a unique blend of a private and public foundation.  Just like a private foundation, it has its own Federal Identification Number (EIN) and applies for its own 501(c)(3) tax status.  By connecting to the Community Foundation, it receives our administrative services, its contributions are deductible to the higher public foundation levels and it is free of the private foundation minimum payout and many compliance rules. Its board must be comprised of a majority of individuals appointed by the Community Foundation board, but family members or their representatives may also serve.  The minimum size for a supporting organization is $2 million or the intent to reach $2 million within a period of time.
Supporting Organization Funds